• Fridge and Freezer Seal and Door repairs

    We can supply DIY seals by Post or preferably have us install them for you.

    Many times there are some other contributing factors to Poor Cooling.

    These can by broken hinges or hinge bushes. Misaligned hinges or unlevel ground.

    We can adjust and repair most of these whilst we are on-site


    Most modern fridges use a magnet recessed inside the seal to ensure a tight air tight fit. They a Anisotropic rubberised extrusion magnet. They are manufactured with powdered iron, binding agents of rubber and plastic. They are heated and then made into a mould and form approximately 10mm wide strips. After manufacture they are then magnetised.

    There unique properties of these strip magnets is that they are only magnetic on one side. (Fridge body side)

    The magnets are like minature horse shoe shapes each having a North and South Pole. There are many hundreds of these magnets along the length of one magnetic strip. If you put 2 pieces of the magnet together you would find that it pulled in a lateral direction you would find the grab and release effect feeling like a ratchet as each magnetic pole passed each other.

    Can magnets lose their strength?. Yes they can offer a period of time.

    Are there different magnetic strengths? Yes there is. We use a std very high strength magnet. In certain situations we uses a stronger European magnet to assist with some commercial doors that are well worn and diy tricky to shut.



    Many European fridges are assembled as an outer door and an empty inner skin. After assembling the 2 door halves and the seal, it is injected with foam. This acts as an insulator and glues the door to the inner skin and the seal.

    The dilemma is that the design of the assembly process of the door in manufacture, means the inner skin is recessed with the seal inside the door skin. Therefore the manufacturer says either a new door is needed. We have a process where we make special seals for these troublesome doors.