• Curtain Seals

    The advantages of having strip curtains, is to prevent:

    Outside hear entering the Cool room and increasing the temperature. It is a good barrier to minimised flying insects from entering the Cool room. Most Strips are a clear PVC, were can supply normal flat strips or ribbed strips that are Fork Lift Capable.

    The strips can also be used in wash down operations to prevent dust our water leaving the wash down area.

    Cool Room Seals

    Cool Rooms generally have larger doors, this can affect the closing and sealing of the doors.

    Generally there’s two style seals a finger type seal or a bubble. Rarely there can be magnet type doors.

    Hinges most times are of a rising cam style. Which means when you open the door, the door will slightly raised so that the door can clear the surrounding floor.

    Most doors have electrically heated strips in the door frame to prevent the seal from freezing.

    The PVC seals are easily damaged by loading the Cool rooms with Stock.


    It’s crucial to have the seals, rollers, guides and curtains in good condition.

    The reasons are:

    Power saving costs

    Cutting down compressor run time

    Unwanted pests getting into the food area

    Food being wasted from spoiling due to temperature fluctuations.