• Dometic Caravan Fridge Seal replacement

    We are one of very few repairers who can replace your fridge door from you recreational fridge freezers.

    Most seals are not serviceable by the manufacturer, but we can retro fit a new seal to your fridge.

    Ship the door to us Australia Wide if required and we will return it to you repaired.

    Using our Patented Duramatic Fridge Seals we provide a 2 year warranty on seals that are properly cared for.

    When most Caravan fridge doors are manufactured. They are assembled as an outer door and an empty inner skin. After assembling the 2 door halves and the seal, it is injected with foam. This acts as an insulator and glues the door to the inner skin and the seal.

    The dilemma is that the design of the assembly process of the door in manufacture, means the inner skin is recessed with the seal inside the door skin. Therefore the manufacturer says either a new door is need or new doors are no longer available.

    We have a process where we make special seals for these troublesome doors.   

    Dometic Caravan Fridge Seal replacement